Jeff Abel

Jeff Abel from Fairway Independent Mortgage is now based in Smyrna, GA. He is committed to taking great care of people who are looking to buy or refinance a home. Jeff has been in the mortgage industry since 1997, where he began demonstrating his abilities to understand the needs of and provide unmatched service for homeowners, homebuyers and real estate industry partners.

After graduating from Michigan State University, Jeff spent time as an entrepreneur by starting up and running a small mortgage company for over ten years, and then worked for the largest home mortgage company in the U.S. for eight years. Having a good deal of experience and perspective, he now works with the best team in the industry at Fairway. Jeff loves to be outdoors and often spends time volunteering in his neighborhood and at his children’s schools. He lives in Smyrna with his wife, Traci, and their two daughters

Jeff enjoys working for Fairway Independent Mortgage because the company has the right vision and values, which are customer-centric and a focus on doing one thing extremely well – home mortgages.